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Wooden carpentry, Roofing, Zinc works, Claddlng, Sealing
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Responsable of Roofing

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Our activities combines the following trades :

  • The Carpenter : he designs and creates the frames that will support the roofing of the buildings. After having designed, engineered, traced the structures and manufactured, he performs on the construction site the lifting and the assembly of the components of the wooden frame, purlins, chevrons, rafters, A-frame, beams, posts, as well as the cladding and insulation parts : wood panels, sub-roof boards, insulation composites. The carpenter intervene on all types of buildings : residential housing, farm sheds, industrial buildings, attic fitting, wooden framed houses. He never works alone on the site and enjoys working in a team.
  • The Roofer : he completes or repairs the roofs of collective housing, individual houses and industrial buildings. He contributes to the waterproofing, sometimes to the air-tightness, on which he intervenes to help other professionals to complete their own work under shelter from the weather. In the context of his work, the Roofer may complete the placement of thermal insulation under the roof, the installation of roof-windows or solar panels on the pitch. He creates the supports of covering materials : clay or concrete tiles, slates, aluminium, zinc, shingles, etc. He also performs the installation of gutters, dormers or frames of all natures. All of these tasks are obviously completed after having implemented the required safety features.

    In the context of their activities, our teams may intervene in emergency situations, to respond to the required conservation and safety procedure for a damaged property and prevent damage increasing : roof tarping, waterproofing.
    The main characteristics of our teams are accuracy, methodological approach. They always have an open ear to client demands as they intervene on equipment maintenance (individuals, etc.)



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